Morbidly Obese Woman Looks Unrecognisable After Having Saggy Skin Removed

A morbidly obese scientist who took up two seats on the bus looks unrecognisable after spending $25,000 (£19,100) on surgery to help her lose 20 stone and get rid of her saggy skin.

Monica Kinde, 33, from Joplin in Missouri, gorged on three meals of fast food every day, amounting to a staggering 6,000 calories - triple the recommended amount for a woman.She struggled to squish her 6XL frame into seats with arm rests and never flew because she would have to book two seats on an airplane.

At nearly 475lbs (34 stone), Monica would suffer crippling foot pain from walking short distances.

Desperate to change her life she had a gastric bypass and over three years lost 285lb (20 stone).

But her extreme weight loss left her miserable because of the excess skin around her stomach, arms and thighs - which led her to undergo skin removal surgery.
In total her surgeries cost $25,000 (£19,100) and now at a slender 190lbs (13.5 stone) Monica is completely unrecognisable.

Monica was always a larger child, but while studying for her PHD in chemistry she piled on more than 200lbs (14 stone), leaving her a dangerously high BMI of 63.1.
The assistant professor of biochemistry said: 'I would eat food constantly - I'd have McDonald's for breakfast, more fast food for lunch and then for dinner I'd have Burger King or Taco Bell.

'While studying for my PhD the pressure was so intense I ended up gorging myself on large amounts of buttery rubbish food.

'Recently, I tried to figure out how many calories I'd eat in a day back then and it was be way over 6,000.

'I never flew anywhere because I knew I'd need to buy two seats, it would just be too embarrassing. It was already bad enough feeling judged for taking up two seats on the bus.

'Even when I used to drive my car I'd have to cram my belly behind the wheel, couldn't fit a seatbelt around me and was barely able to drive.

'When I received better health insurance after graduate school I decided to have a gastric band as everything else I'd tried had failed in the past.

'I had to go through eight months of nutritional counselling where if I put on any weight I couldn't have my surgery covered by the insurance so it was a lot of pressure.

'Two months after my gastric bypass I got married but couldn't eat any of the food or wedding cake, everyone said it was excellent but my stomach was too small to try it. 

'After surgery I did worry I'd made the wrong decision at times because food had been my coping for such a long time I didn't know how to deal with my problems any other way.

'Then after losing more than half my body weight I hated the horrible, hanging loose skin on my body.

'I knew if I wore a T-shirt the three inches of excess skin from my arms would hang out of it.

'My belly skin was terrible too and was like an apron - I even had to buy larger clothing so I could tuck in the excess flab.

'Later I was also able to get a portion of my skin removal surgery paid for. I felt really lucky because I know a lot of people lose their homes through medical bills.

'Now thanks to the surgery I look so much better and don't feel I have to hide anymore.

'People are much nicer to me now, even strangers will look me in the eye and smile when before they would say things under their breath or shout insults to me from cars.

'Before I was just existing, but now I'm actually living - I go places and do things without worrying whether my weight would hold me back.'

Since losing more than half her body weight, Monica has cycled for the first time since she was a child and tries to cram in exercising whenever she can.
As well as her new figure, Monica and her husband John are also celebrating the birth of their son, Graysen, earlier this year, after fearing she couldn't conceive before because of her weight.She said: 'I wasn't on birth control for years with my ex-husband and we never had any pregnancy scares or anything. I knew my weight would have had a massive impact on my fertility.

'Now I've got an incredible seven-month-old son who is my world. Before, I never would have considered kids and didn't think I could get pregnant, so the weight loss has fully transformed my life.' 
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