Girl Born Without A Face Just Underwent Life Altering Surgery And She Looks Amazing

Every day, there seems to be more and more pressure to be beautiful and it has become a natural thing to aim for perfection when it comes to looks. Especially for women.

When Cassidy Hooper was born in 1996, her doctors were baffled when they delivered a the baby girl who’s face was absent of eyes and a nose. Up until the delivery, every test showed that Hooper was healthy, so it was quite a shock to see her face without two of the main components.

With the pressure that society places on young girls, one would think that little Cassidy had a negative and self-conscious spirit, but this is a girl who has anything but. Yes, the negative comments about her face has hurt her over the years but she doesn’t let it get to her.

At a young age, Hooper was enrolled in a school for the blind, which helped her fit in and feel comfortable in an otherwise daunting environment. She had even told her mother that “everyone there was blind so she was normal.”

While she fit in at the school for the blind, the older she got the more she developed the need to fit in elsewhere and by the time she was a teen she was wanting those facial features that she was missing. While most eleven year old girls are asking their parents for the latest technology device or a new bike, Hooper asked her parents for a nose.

Her parents thought the girl was perfect as she was, but they wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. So, they did the research and investigated surgeons and costs. As anyone who has undergone cosmetic surgery knows, sometimes the process involves multiple procedures, so Hooper and her family had a long road ahead of them. But this long road didn’t deter Hooper from being involved in cheerleading, sports, music and having a job…all the while undergoing multiple procedures.

Surgeons used the bone from her ribs and the skin from her forehead to create a nose. Going in with a positive attitude, before surgery Hooper was excited and said “I’ll have a real nose like everyone else’s.”

At age nineteen, Hooper has her first nose and a high school diploma to add to her successes. She is going on to college, on a mission to major in mass communications and broadcasting, and over the upcoming years, she will undergo the necessary surgeries to move her eye sockets closer together before adding prosthetic eyes.

Hooper’s family and friends can testify that throughout Hooper’s entire life, she has had nothing but a positive attitude. When some young girls are self-conscious about their clothes or haircuts, Hooper threw that all aside and was even known to socialize on her own, meeting new friends at the local pool.

And commenters can’t help but be inspired by this young girl’s attitude:

“You know its sad how they are people that are born with eyes and a nose and are not happy and this beauty comes along and just a beauty in and out and feels great……im so happy for you and wish we had more hearts like you in this world.”
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